Most of us would like to put something by for a rainy day but think that we don’t have enough money to save or that it’s difficult to do. This is because we go through the month and plan to save whatever is left over at the end. We always seem to get to the end of the months and there’s nothing left to put aside into savings. We need to chang our thinking a bit and put ourselves first and not last.

First of all open a savings account. If you choose and ISA (Individual Savings Account) then you can save very tax efficiently. Most banks have an ISA that can be started off with £1. Once you have a savings account you can go about adding to it.

Have a look at your income and spending and see how much you could save in a month. It’s better to start off with a small amount that you can realistically manage, e.g. £25 than to aim for a figure, e.g. £100 that you wouldn’t necessarily be able to reach.

The next step is to set up a Direct Debit (DD) for the amount you’ve chosen to save from your current account to your savings account. The moment you’ve done this you’ve become a regular saver. Make sure the DD is set up to go out straight after you’ve been paid when there will definitely be money in the account.

Once that money is going out regularly you will find that you’re not missing it at all and may even feel able to add to it. This is because there is always some money that we spend without knowing where it’s gone so there is always some slack in the system.

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